Welcome to Helsley Ranch


Located in Caldwell, Idaho, the Helsley Ranch was established in 2000 as a training facility for top quality working border collies.  Our breeding program has the reputation of producing quality puppies bred specifically for their abilty to work stock.

About Don

Don has been actively involved in raising and training border collies for more than twenty years. Prior to his involvement with border collies, he trained and showed cutting horses.  After thirty-five years with Idaho Power, Don currently devotes all of his time to training, trialing, and judging border collies.  He is now available full-time for judging assignments and clinics.  Don is a quiet man, with a reputation for fairness and honesty.  He has succeeded in then in the trialing world, not only as a competitor, but as a well-respected judge.

About Jeanie

Before meeting Don, Jeanie trained and showed horses in California.  She has been a dog groomer and has run successful dog grooming businesses in California and Idaho.  Trialing border collies has been a natural progression for her.  Currently, she competes right along side Don in the open divisison.  Jeanie leaves the bulk of the training to Don, while she tends to the everyday care and socializing of the puppies at H/R Border Collies.

Never too late for good news!

2012 has been a wonderful year for us. To start, 5 of our personal dogs made it  to the National Finals and 4 more were of our breeding. Our Wizard, Ash and Taite all made it to semi round in the open with The Wizard going on to 6th place in the Double Lift. Of the 2 nursery dogs 1 of them, Jessie, made it back for the second round.

2 more Cap pups made it to the nursery…Ben handled by Donna Eliason and Grace handled by Karen Stanley both made it to the second round and Donna was named the Nursery Field  Rookie of the Year.

2 more that we like to claim went on to compete in the open…Tess and Gus handled by Lavon Calzacorta.

Of the 9 dogs just mentioned only 3 were not Cap offspring.  His legacy  lives on.

We would like to thank those of you that are a part of our lives…you just make the good…better.

But most of all we thank the dogs, for they make our lives complete, and of course where would we be without them.

We wish all of you happy holidays and a wonderful 2013!

Happy Trialing!